Planning Ahead

Secure Your Final Wishes with Olpin Family Mortuary's Pre-Planning Services

Why Plan Ahead?

At Olpin Family Mortuary we understand the many difficult, emotional and financial decisions surrounding the loss of a loved one. To help families better prepare for this eventuality we offer comprehensive pre-planning services. Why should you consider pre-planning and prepaying for your funeral services? The reasons are many and varied.
Peace of mind. Many families have expressed a deep sense of peace after pre-planning their final wishes. They feel great comfort knowing that many difficult decisions have already been made.

Protection from Medicaid. The money in our pre-arranged funeral plans may be exempt from Medicaid spend-down provisions.
Avoid Inflation. Our pre-arranged plans are rate guaranteed. Meaning you can get tomorrow's goods and services at today's prices.

Protect insurance. The proceeds from your life insurance policies will be left to pay for final medical expenses, to pay off debt, provide an inheritance to your heirs, and take care of your survivors, instead of being used to pay for rising funeral costs.

Avoid emotional overspending. Make the decisions today! Not on one of the most challenging days of your life. Make decisions based on your likes and wants your budget, and your circumstances, unaffected by the emotions of that harrowing day.
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